Just shy of 630 head of pedigree beef cattle will be forward for the October Bull Sales at Stirling which this year will see all cattle sold on the Monday.

The event kicks off on Sunday, October 22, with shows for the Aberdeen-Angus, Beef Shorthorn, Salers, and Simmentals. This will be followed on Monday, October 23, with shows for the Limousin and Charolais breeds on Monday.

The sales also include the dispersal of David and Lesley Sapsed’s Heathbrow Simmental herd.


Aberdeen-Angus – Owen Tunney, Manor Farm, Cheshire.

Beef Shorthorn – Mrs Mary Cormack, Meadow View, Leominster.

Charolais – David Bothwell, St Angelo, Co Fermanagh.

Limousin – Colin Lewis, Buttington, Welshpool.

Salers – Tom Walling, Over Whitlaw, Selkirk.

Simmental – Hazel McNee, Over Finlarg, Tealing.


Friday, October 20

5 pm Yard opens

Saturday, October 21

11 am Aberdeen-Angus bull inspection

12.30 pm Simmental inspection followed by Beef Shorthorn bull inspection followed by Hereford bull inspection

Sunday, October 22

9.30 am Show of Aberdeen-Angus females followed by bulls

9.30 am Salers bull inspection

10 am Charolais bull inspection

11.30 am Show of Beef Shorthorn females followed by bulls

12.30 pm Show of Salers bulls followed by the parade of Hereford bull

12.30 pm Limousin bull inspection

1 pm Show of Simmental bulls

Monday, October 23

9 am Show of Limousin Bulls

10 am Sale of Aberdeen-Angus bulls (66)

10 am (Ring 2) Sale of class and draft Beef Shorthorn females (65 + 2)

11 am Show of Charolais females followed by bulls

11.30 am Sale of Beef Shorthorn bulls (15) followed by Hereford bulls, Salers bulls (6), and sale of Simmental bulls (122)

12 noon (Ring 2) Sale of class and draft Aberdeen-Angus females (34 + 3)

2.45 pm Sale of Limousin bulls (63) followed by females (1) followed by Charolais bulls (122) and females (13 + 1)

3 pm (Ring 2) Simmental females (75 + 40)