Sheep producers now have access to a cost-effective end of season lamb finishing feed, thanks to the launch of a new alkalised concentrate from FiveF Alka Limited.

Trials suggest new Alkalamb boosts lamb daily liveweight gain and feed conversion efficiency when fed at the same rate as a traditional finishing concentrate. Margin over feed was better as a result.

“Feeding end of season lambs becomes costlier the older lambs get. These animals typically take longer to finish because feed conversion ratio (FCR) is increasing at this stage of their growth. Consequently, increasing traditional concentrate intake can be expensive and is often risky because the practice can adversely affect the health of the rumen,” explains Rob Smith from FiveF Alka.

Alkalamb is a lamb finishing concentrate based on alkalised wheat with a pH of 8.5. The alkaline nature of the nut means that late season lambs can be fed it ad lib to accelerate finishing time but with a reduced risk of rumen acidosis.

“The practical trials we have conducted suggest the new feed will facilitate a smoother transition from grazing to an intensive late season finishing system. Promoting a healthier rumen through alkalisation will also boost overall lamb vitality,” Mr Smith says.