FINNISH loader expert, Avant Tecno, has introduced two new models into its 600 Series, both powered by a new engine.

According to Avant, its new 645i and 650i models are the most powerful loaders in their size class in the world. Although the dimensions and lifting power of the new machines are in the same range with the previous 600 series models, the new models have a new, more powerful engine.

These now feature Kubota's 33kW/44hp diesel engine which provides plenty of power and torque for work which requires high pulling force and/or is speed intensive. Avant claims that other loader manufacturers do not have nearly as efficient machines in the same size range.

The current EU Stage V emission standard for diesel engines in non-road mobile machinery requires a catalytic converter and a particulate filter for engines above 19kW. Avant is the first manufacturer to bring such loaders to the market in this size class.

The single speed 645i and the two-speed 650i are equipped with a Kubota V1505CRT diesel engine. This four-cylinder 1498cc turbocharged common rail engine has a power output of 33kW/44hp and the oxidation catalyst and particulate filter handle the exhaust after treatment, and no additives (AdBlue) are required.

The maximum oil flow of the auxiliary hydraulics is 75 l/min, which is powerfully unique to a loader in this size class. They can run almost any of Avant’s hydraulically driven attachments.

Hydrostatic transmission, with a hydraulic drive motor on each wheel, is a familiar feature of Avant compacts. The Avant 645i has one-speed to a maximum driving speed of 13 km/h, while the 650i has two-speed which give it a maximum rate of 25 km/h.

The new loaders have a certified ROPS/FOPS open cab as standard. Both the L-cab and Avant's latest GT cab – again unique in this size class – are available as an option. 

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The noise and vibration isolation of the spacious and modern GT cab are excellent, and the efficient heating and ventilation, good ergonomics, and the large windows provide superior comfort for the operator. Air conditioning is also available in the GT cab.

The telescopic lifting boom that's standard on the new models has a 600mm telescope and the maximum lifting height is 2.84m to the hinge pin of the attachment coupling plate. This enables, for example, loading trucks and unloading loads from high up. A hydraulic boom self-levelling system automatically keeps the load horizontal when the boom is lifted and lowered.

The 600 series has the Avant specific quick attachment plate for attachments and hydraulic quick locking of the locking pins is also available. The hydraulic hoses of the attachment are conveniently connected to a multi connector as in all Avants. Avant said production of the new Avant 645i and 650i models for worldwide markets will start in Q3 of 2022.