It was a day to remember for the Hall family, of Inglewood Edge, when they not only secured the Continental championship and reserve honours, but also stood as the Expo's supreme and reserve overall titles.

Joanne Hall, along with her father, John and his wife, Mary, dominated the sheep ring with their pair of Beltex cross lambs, which scaled in at 45.5kg. These April-born lambs are out of home-bred ewes and are sired by a Beltex tup purchased from Grant Maxwell, Faughhill Farm, Melrose.

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The Hall family's reserve winners came in the form of a pair of 47kg Dutch Texels, which were tapped out by the judge, Stuart Wood, Skene, Aberdeenshire. This April-born duo were sired by Dutch Texels purchased from Robin Slade's Weekfield flock, based at Herefordshire.

Dougie and William Crew, Gall Farm, Boreland, won the championship in the hill-bred lambs with their 53.5kg North Country Cheviots. Their April-born pair were sired by a home-bred Gall tup and bred out of ewes sourced from Jimmy Thomson's Kelsocleugh flock, based at Yetholm, Kelso.

A pair of 39kg April-born South Country Cheviots from Tom, Alan and Scott Frame bagged the reserve hill-bred lamb title. Both were sired by Hindhope Showman – purchased at the 2019 Lockerbie breed sale – and bred out of Stirkfield ewes.

The first prized pair of cross-bred lambs out of any other hill-bred ewe, from Ed and Carl Fawcett, Well House Farm, Morpeth, were selected as the champions of their section. The 53kg April-born pair were by a home-bred Suffolk tup and out of bought-in South Country Cheviot draft ewes.

Taking the reserve title in this section was Ioan Jones' 43kg cross lambs, from Bromebyd, Llanelli, brought our with the help of Howell Williams. The March-born pair were sired by bought-in Bluefaced Leicester tups, crossed onto home-bred Cheviot ewes.

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The show of North of England Mule ewe lambs was judges by Val Brown, Dovecote Barn, North Yorkshire, who awarded the red rosette to James Robinson and Zach Ward, from Cumbria. The March-born pair were bred by David Lawson and Andrew Brown, having been purchased at Hawes and Kirkby Stephen, respectively.

LEADING awards:

Hill breeds – North Country Cheviot – 1, DF Crew, Gall; 2, William Thompson, Hownam Grange; 3, Bland Clea Hall. South Country Cheviot – 1, JJ Frame and Co, High Dyke; 2 and 3, TN Cavers and Co, Hoghill. Blackface – 1, TN Cavers and Co; 2, Shawhead Farm, Newmains Home; 3, K Porteous, Scorton. Rough Fell – 1 and 2, T and E Ellis, Woodside; 3, Kieran Milburn, High Roans. Horned (other than Blackface) – 1, Matthew Benson, Horrace; 2, George Fell; 3, Abbie Higginson and Rebekah Geary, Yew Tree. Herdwick – 1, Matthew Fearon, Westhead; 2, Abbie Higginson and Rebekah Geary. Cross-bred lambs out of a Herdwick ewe – 1 and 2, Jack Bland. Cross-bred lambs from any other hill ewe – 1, Messrs Fawcett, Well House; 2, TN Cavers and Co; 3, DF Crew, Gall.

Mule – 1, Ioan Jones, Bromebyd; 2, DF Crew. Down-bred (untrimmed) – 1, Jack Whiteford, Tercrosset; 2, Sam Booth, Church View. Suffolk (any weight) – 1, Jack Whiteford; 2, Messrs Fawcett; 3, Ioan Jones.

Continentals – Beltex up to 40kg – 1, R Hall and Son, Inglewood Edge; 2, Robert West, Park Farm; 3, H and E Williams, Taldrym. Beltex over 40.1kg – 1 and champion, R Hall and Son; 2, Robert West; 3, Jack Whiteford. Texel up to 40kg – 1, Robert West; 2, R Hall and Son; 3, H and E Williams. Texel over 40.1kg – 1 and reserve, R Hall and Son; 2, Jack Whiteford; 3, Robert West. AOB (any weight) – 1, George Whyte, Lintibert; 2, R Hall and Son; 3, Jack Whiteford. Continental (untrimmed) – 1, CD Timm, West Farm; 2, Jack Whiteford; 3, R Hall and Son.

Young farmers (any breed and weight) – 1, April Skelton, Inglewood Edge; 2, Jack Whiteford; 3, Josh and Rebekah Geary. Butchers choice, single lamb over 50kg – 1, R Hall and Son; 2, Sam Booth, Church View; 3, Robert West. Single lamb (AOB not already shown) – 1, Adam Brown, Park House; 2, Al Thompson, 10 Highfield Ave; 3, R Hall and Son. Pair of Mule ewe lambs – 1 and 3, J Robinson and Z Ward, Carnforth; 2, J Wilson and J Dunning, Settle.