PROBABLY the first thing you notice about the Hyundai Tucson hybrid, is its 'parametric jewels' as described in the bumph – these are prominent in the Tucson's bold grille, which features integrated front lights.

This highlights that there seems to be some kind of design standard across all manufacturers that hybrids and electric vehicles have to look significantly different, or could we even call it 'funky' in design.

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The geometric look of the Tucson is accentuated by that striking grille design and once you look at it, you can't stop doing so! The look continues to the rear light clusters and rear bumper.

The Hyundai brand has built itself a great reputation for reliability over many years, but might have been tarred with a brush that said 'conservative' in the design write ups. That changes with the 'new' Tucson over its predecessor.

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Inside, there's a functional and even stylish interior and that's accentuated by the use of an impressive array of electronic wizardry.

On test was the mid-range Premium spec' and under the bonnet was Hyundai’s well-proven 1.6 T-GDi 227bhp petrol engine, which is matched to the hybrid technology and that little extra shove from the electric motor, it does the 0-62 timed run in eight seconds.

The extra push comes from a 44.2kW electric motor feeding a 1.49kWh battery – which can be re-charged as you motor along. It's enough to inject some nifty shifting into the six-speed push-button operated automatic transmission driving through the front wheels. It also has a choice of driving modes, with 'Sport' and 'Eco' doing what they say on the tin – this extends in to how the electronics set up the suspension too.

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It's hard not to like the Tucson and those with brand snobbery who won't even looking at something from Korea, are certainly missing a trick with this one. It's pretty practical too, with 616-litres of luggage space that can be more than doubled to 1795 litres when the rear seats are folded.

As for fuel economy, certainly getting close to 50mpg is doable and the power saving LED lighting set-up helps keep it that way.

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And the cost of the Hyundai Tucson 1.6 T-GDi Hybrid? At £37,195 it's quite competitive and watch out for 'deals' on the go.