The first Korean-bought working sheep dog bought at a sale at Skipton, is settling in well, following an international sale between Southern Finland's Ian Dodd of Mustajoentie, Laylianen and Jaehoon Lee, Namehae-gun, based in the south east corner of the Korean peninsula.

Last month’s online-only sale at CCM Skipton saw Mr Lee fork out £6900 for the 15-month-old black and white Dog, Wyverne Max, offered for sale by Mr Dodd.

The multi-international transaction clearly illustrated and cemented the power of the online selling system and its ability to match dogs with vendors and buyers globally.

Mr Lee’s new acquisition is a son of leading Welsh handler and breeder, Kevin Evans’ Derwen Doug, a European Nursery champion and dual Welsh and International Brace champion, out of David Meek’s Wyverne Meg, herself a daughter of a twice International champion.

Mr Lee, who farms close to the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Haeinsa, a Buddhist temple that attracts many tourists, explained: “I have bought a lot of dogs from England. I am trying to be the best in the world and there is only one reason why I bought Max. His ability seemed very good and I thought he would be the dog I needed.”