IT is a big week for Camy Jackson and Rachel Hamilton.

Not only has the new series of This Farming Life launched, with them featuring for the first time, but as The Scottish Farmer hits the shelves on Friday, September 1, the pair will be gearing up to celebrate an even bigger milestone – their wedding.

The SF spoke to Camy, as he was travelling up to the Isle of Tiree – where Rachel is from and where her father crofts and manages a farm – to start the celebrations.

The couple started filming at the start of last year, and the experience continued until the back end.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the filming experience,” explained Camy.

“It was busy, and did add to our workload, but it was generally great. We had to fit in when they wanted to visit us around our usual schedule and working our off the farm jobs, so that was a bit of pressure, but they followed us at home, at shows, and at sales.

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“They came to Lairg, the World Clydesdale Show, and the Bull Sales last October.”

He continued: “The only thing they missed that I would have liked them to have had filmed, was the Bull Sales in February, because we were so successful with the Shorthorns, winning three out of the four championships, but because they’d been in October, they didn’t come!”

Camy and Rachel took on the tenancy at Dunrod Farm, at Inverkip, two years ago.

Between Dunrod and rented ground locally, the pair are now working across almost 700 acres.

They run a flock of 500 Cheviot ewes, between pedigree Park Cheviots and Hill Cheviots, alongside 40 cows, split between pedigree Simmentals and Beef Shorthorns, and commercial cattle.

Rachel also has her own small heard of Aberdeen-Angus.

The ambitious couple are hoping to eventually hit their goal of 5000 sheep, and increase their beef herd, as their business grows.

Camy said: “We went with the Cheviot sheep for a few reasons. I had always liked them – they caught my eye at shows and sales, and we started with the Parks because I worked with them when I was managing at Over Hillhouse. I was able to start my own small flock while I was still there.

“We decided they were the best fit for us long term, and the Hill Cheviots are well suited to our set up. So far, so good!”

Camy still works two or three days a week off the farm, helping other people prepare cattle for shows and sales, and working with sheep, while Rachel works fulltime for the Rural Payments and Services department. The goal is to be able to work at home fulltime, and even eventually even take on staff.

The busy couple are certainly spinning a lot of plates, but the series will follow their hard work and ambition, as they work towards their goals.

You can watch series six of This Farming Life on Mondays at 8pm on BBC Scotland, and Tuesdays at 8pm on BBC2.