A wedding in Argyll was able to go ahead despite widespread flooding over the weekend thanks to a determined celebrant and a helpful farmer.

While the florist, caterer, and baker could not bypass the floods to make it to Robert Connelly and Annalisa Falanga's wedding at Kilmartin Castle on Saturday - the celebrant hitched a ride on a tractor.

"Annalisa basically was so determined that her neighbour who's a farmer had a tractor and brought her up," Robert said.

"We actually just seen the tractor coming up to the gate and we were like 'Oh there's a tractor' and then the celebrant was at the door."

Kieran McCullough who works for the Fosters of Ashfield farms, saved the day.

"I was extremely pleased. At that point, I knew it was going to happen. I had a big sigh of relief," Annalisa added.

Authorities had warned of "danger to life" as almost a month's worth of rain fell in just 24 hours in Scotland over the weekend.

The couple had arrived in Kilmartin on Friday and said they were aware of the weather warnings but did not expect it to be so bad.

"Unfortunately a lot of other people coming from different parts of Scotland never managed to make it," Annalisa said.

Annalisa said she bought the Wellington boots "just in case"

Robert and Annalisa said they were both glad the wedding was able to go ahead despite the challenges.

"We're very happy it came together and it was kind of unique, to say the least," Robert said.

"Certainly a day to remember for a lot of people," Annalisa added.