One of the highlights of AgriScot each year is the beef demonstration which takes place in the main ring and for 2023 will focus on finishing cattle.

The interactive audience participation demonstration, supported by Quality Meat Scotland (QMS), will be led by Gavin Hill, a senior beef specialist at SAC Consulting (part of SRUC) along with Robert Gilchrist, chief executive of the Aberdeen Angus Society.

We caught up with Gavin to find out more about this year's demonstration.

“This year we will be bringing four finishing cattle to AgriScot, both Simmental and Angus, bred and reared by the students at SRUC Oatridge who will be leading the cattle on the day. Alongside discussion on weights and growth rates, we will be challenging farmers to consider if they are producing the right cattle for the right markets, and if their finishing age does deliver carbon efficiency.

"To give a complete picture, they will be joined in the ring by a local butcher allowing us to explore the end product and where the high values are within the carcass. They will be sharing insights into consumer demands, and how to ensure you get the most return from your animals.

"Important to remember that although our cattle genetics may vary so does our climate and resources available and so one size does not fit all. It should never be intensive (cereals) v extensive (forage) as there is place for both in the short and long term.”

He continued: "In Scotland, we produce some of the highest-quality animals in the world. However, others will also claim this as well and so we must make sure our product can be differentiated in the extremely competitive market, so we produce both what the market wants and be mindful of how it is produced. We have to get it right during this challenging time for the industry."

AgriScot takes place on Wednesday, November 22 at Royal Highland Showground, Ingliston. Entry and car parking is free, and registration is now open at