Two Scottish herds have won lead awards in the prestigious NMR RABDF Gold Cup Competition, presented last week at Dairy-Tech, Stoneleigh.

For the second year in succession, Lanarkshire dairy farmers, Mark Hunter and his parents, Robert and Lorraine, from West Tarbrax, Shotts, won the Lilyhill Cup, for the highest Gold Cup qualifying Jersey herd with the lead fat and protein yield.

The Hunter's Clydevalley Jerseys of 200 milking cows achieved a combined weight of fat and protein of 907.56kg a cow. Average yield is 7900kg of milk at 7.08%BF and 3.97%P and all milk is sold to Graham’s Dairy.

Sexed semen is used on most of the cows and heifers and surplus replacements are sold. Cows are cubicle housed and grazed throughout the summer months and buffer fed at night year round to maintain a high butterfat content.

Equally notable, the Chairman's Cup for the qualifying herd of a breed other than Holstein or Jersey, with the highest milk solids, was won by Stuart Neish, Muirside, Dumfries

Mr Neish's herd of 210 Red and White Holsteins and Ayrshires achieved a combined fat and protein weight of 749.40kg a cow, and 11,000kg of milk on twice a day milking. He also runs a flock of 2000 sheep and an arable operation.