Since the third series of Clarkson's Farm returned to Amazon Prime, fans of the show - and the Grand Tour - have been wondering whether we'll see some familiar faces.

James May, Richard Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson originally joined forces in 2003 to present the hit BBC motoring show Top Gear before turning to Prime Video’s The Grand Tour.

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So far, Clarkson has kept it a solo venture, bringing in previously unknown characters such as Kaleb Cooper, Charlie Ireland, Gerald Cooper and partner Lisa Hogan.

All these faces around the farm have proven a huge hit with viewers, so there has been no real need to reunite the old trio.

Recently, James May revealed that he wanted to leave things where they currently are between the three.

He told UNILAD: "I think people would only really like us doing cars, despite what some people say - ‘Oh, I think you should all go off and do cooking or you should all go and do a podcast about nothing.’

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“But I don’t think so, I think we should let it lie, what we did.”

Despite this, the trio have reunited recently. Just over a week ago in fact.

Clarkson, May and Hammond were seen on Jeremy's Instagram enjoying a few beers in the sun together.

The video was posted on Instagram on Tuesday, April 30, along with the caption: “I’m in a time warp.”

Fans were happy to see the trio again with one Instagram user commenting: “My childhood at a table.”

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Can we expect to see either May or Hammond in the last four episodes of Clarkson's Farm? Only time can tell, but it looks unlikely.

The first four episodes of Clarkson’s Farm are available to stream exclusively on Prime Video from May 3, with a further four episodes landing the following week on May 10.