Sarah Millar, the chief executive of QMS, has been crowned the Trade Organisation Woman of the Year at the inaugural National Women in Agriculture Awards at the House of Commons on May 9.

The prestigious accolade recognises her exceptional contributions to the farming sector.

The National Women in Agriculture Awards aim to support and empower women in farming, as well as seeking to celebrate the achievements of women who are making significant strides in the traditionally male-dominated industry. The awards ceremony, held in the members' dining room of the House of Commons, served as a platform to honour the exemplary work of women in agriculture and inspire the next generation of female farming leaders.

Sarah joined QMS in 2018 and was appointed as chief executive in 2022. During that time Sarah has instigated a number of key projects, including leading the work to invite every politician on to farm ahead of COP26 when it was held in Glasgow. Despite politician’s busy schedules, a wealth of policy and regulatory change, Sarah worked to bridge the gap between policymakers and businesses

Sarah Millar commented: "I am truly shocked and honoured to receive the National Women in Agriculture Trade Organisation Woman of the Year award. It is a testament to the collective efforts of women in agriculture who are driving positive change and innovation in our industry. The achievements this award recognises, wouldn’t have been possible without the wider team at QMS who have supported me and worked with me, particularly over the last 12 months as we have built and launched our new vision and strategic framework to make Scotland: The Choice for Premium Red Meat.”

The National Women in Agriculture Awards celebrate the triumphs of women like Sarah, whose dedication, resilience, and vision are driving the agricultural sector towards a more sustainable and equitable future. Sarah was joined on the night by three other Scottish finalists across the different award categories, Caroline Millar, Jenna Ross and Janette Sutherland which is a testament to the work of the wider sector and depth of talent that Scotland has.