Calves from the first exportation of Brown Swiss embryos from Scotland to Australia have been born and more are about to be shipped out as demand for the heat tolerant, multi-utility breed increases.

The shipment of 29 embryos from Jonny Lochhead and his partner Jessica Millar of the Kedar herd from Dumfries, is believed to be the first exportation of any dairy breed from Scotland if not the UK, to Australia.

Brown Swiss are one of the most popular breeds in Australia, when they are hardier and therefore better able to withstand the heat and cold compared to other dairy animals. In many countries, they are run out at grass all year and are also calved outside.

However, the eggs exported from the Kedar were from no ordinary cattle – they were from five of the herd’s leading show and brood cows to include Kedar Rhapsody Ex95; GS Alliance Arkansas Ex94; Kedar Sanchia Ex97; Kedar Rosa Ex93 and Kedar Jolie Ex94 and crossed to the leading sires, Huge, Huge Jjp, Biniam, Daredevil or Dairystar.

To date, two calves from the embryos which sold to four breeders in Australia – Kit Davidson, Paul Schubert, Max Wake and Joe Bradley – have been born, and there is another batch of 29 eggs about to be shipped to the same breeders.

The Scottish Farmer: One of the first Brown Swiss calves from the Kedar exportation of embryos to AustraliaOne of the first Brown Swiss calves from the Kedar exportation of embryos to Australia

The Kedar herd which numbers 120 Brown Swiss cows producing 8200litres on a twice daily milking regime at 4.1%BF and 3.65%P, has already exported numerous embryos throughout Europe, with calves on the ground in France, Germany, and Italy and in their native homeland in Austria and Switzerland.

Genetics from the Kedar herd can also be found in Canada and the USA following previous exports of embryos, all of which have been achieved through contacts and social media.

Initially, Jonny and Jessica met breeders through the Black and White sale at Carlisle, and made further contacts at the World Dairy Expo in Madison. Add in the numerous show successes with various cows over several years – all of which were posted on social media sites – and worldwide interest and demand has been created for embryos from this noted show herd.