Graham’s Family Dairy has launched Scotland's first Greek yogurt pouches in three flavours; natural, strawberry and honey.

The product range, which is sweetener free and naturally high in protein, hits shelves as new data highlights the rise in popularity, with the value of pouch sales growing 12% in the past year.

The pouches will be produced in Nairn, with the family business investing more than £2m into its Highland production facility to produce the new pouches and key products within its protein range.

The brand new product marks the dairy’s first foray into Greek yogurt, launching in stores from mid-June, with an initial rollout taking place across over 100 Lidl stores in Scotland this weekend, with a wider roll out across Sainsbury’s Scottish stores in late August.

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The 150g pouches contain up to 14g of natural protein and were designed to be the perfect snack for on-the-go families and health conscious shoppers looking for an indulgent snack. The demand for healthy and high protein alternatives continues to grow as reports show that two out of five consumers are interested in yogurts to replace traditional desserts, with Greek yogurt widely recognised in the industry as being the biggest sub category within healthy yogurt.

Managing director at Graham’s Family Dairy, Robert Graham, said: “We take pride in our family legacy and heritage, which from the offset has been driven by innovation. Our new Greek yogurt pouches have been specifically designed to appeal to the market after the huge success of our Protein 25 pouches, which fly off the shelves. Alongside being a convenient and delicious natural dairy snack, our Greek pouches are naturally high in protein and sweetener free which sets them aside from many similar products on the market.

“More and more, our consumers are looking for easy to ‘grab and go’, healthy, protein packed products - we’ve designed our Greek pouch and protein ranges to lend themselves to do just that. Regardless of convenience, one thing no one wants to compromise on is taste, and we’re really proud to have created a healthy, practical product without impacting on its flavour and rich and creamy texture.”

Graham’s Family Dairy products rely on natural dairy goodness for great taste, using the finest ingredients and milk specially selected from family run Scottish farms in its Greek yogurt pouches and across its ranges.