HAVING travelled more than 1500miles over 10 days to view some 613 pedigree cows and calved heifers, judge Brenda Wear of the Redhill herd, eventually found her champion winner of the Scottish Beef Shorthorn Herd competition, in Major Gibb and his daughter Catriona Gibb's Glenisla herd.

Glenisla first won the large herd's competition, with the small and medium herd sections being won by Smallburn Farms' Smallburn, and Stuart Macadie's Skailhouse, respectively.

LEADING awards

Small herd – 1, Smallburn Farm, Smallburn; 2, Lady Sally, Balnabroich; 3, Cathryn Williamson, Balnespick.

Medium herd – 1, Stuart Macadie, Skailhouse; 2, James Frame, Galla; 3, George Irving, Mountbenger.

Large herd – Major and Catriona Gibb, Glenisla; 2, Carey Coombs, Dunsyre; 3, Bill, Jane and Bobby Landers, Cairnsmore.