Gartocharn-based breeders, Brian, Helen and David Gibson, who own the Conic flock, have triumphed to win the Scottish Zwartbles Flock competition, judged by Giles Sharp, Blenarn, Penrith.

The family who first won the large flock competition, won the Tardoes Trophy for the best overall flock, while the reserve honours were presented to the second prize winners in the section, Messrs McLaren and Baird's Greystone flock from Dunblane.

LEADING awards

Large flocks – 1, Conic; 2, Greystone; Wallacetown.

Small flocks – 1, Carrah; 2, Corrybrae; 3, Thistledome.

Progeny group – 1, Craigies; 2, Wallacetown; 3, Carrah.

Stock tup – 1, Wallacetown; 2, Carrah; 3, Conic.

Ewe lambs – 1, Wallacetown; 2, Greystone; 3, Conic.