The Northumbria Holstein Breeders Club Herd competition, open to all-breeds, attracted entrants from the counties of Northumberland, Durham and Cleveland and was this year judged by international cattle expert, Bruce Jobson.

Alasdair Smith, originally from Stewarton and now owner of Futureproof Holsteins, Healey Home Farm, Riding Mill, was presented the award for the top herd on inspection as well as the best progeny group award.

Futureproof was also awarded the best mature cow title, requiring a minimum of 75 tonnes lifetime yield, with Hilltop Shottle L Nell, while the herd's Flakey bloodline received the best cow family award.

The Richardson family from Wheelbirks Jerseys, Stocksfield, won the small herds award.

Morwick Holsteins, Ayrshires and Jerseys from Acklington, won the large herds trophy as well as the award for the lead herd on production.

The Howie family's Morwick herd also took the cow on inspection; heifer on inspection and heifer on combined production and inspection honours with Morwick Ruth 158; Morwick Marsha 11 and Morwick Pepper Sandy, respectively.

Dave Clark, Fleetshot Holsteins, Hartlepool, received the award for the most improved herd while James Ogilvie of Morwick Holsteins triumphed to win Herdsperson of The Year.

According to Mr Jobson, who presented the awards at the January 2019 Northumberland Holstein Breeders Club meeting in Whittonstall, the standard of animals in all the classes was extremely high.

“It was an honour to judge the 2018 competition. The classes were extremely competitive and the margins between the individual animals, and between competing herds, was very slight. All the owners and staff should be congratulated on the high standard of animals put forward in the various competition categories.”