Aileen Ritchie's Ritchies herd from Tamala, Whiteside, Aberdeenshire, has triumphed to win the new Ronick Trophy for the exhibitor of the year in the Scottish Limousin Herds competition, judged by Chris Pennie and his wife Charlotte.

The herd also picked up the award for the best small herd.

Overall herd of the year was Ian Nimmo's Maraiscote herd from Bogside, Carnwath, with the reserve presented to Ian and Wendy Callion of the Lodge herd from Stirling.

Best male was Richard and Kathleen Davidson's Corsairtly Oswald, with Stephanie Dick winning the award for the best female with Stephick Mistique.

LEADING awards

Small herd – 1, Ritchies; 2, Wedderburn; 3, Deveronvale. Medium herd – 1, Lodge; 2, Meadowrig; 3, Westpit. Large herd – 1, Anside; 2, Clury; 3, Elrick. Extra large herd – 1, Maraiscote; 2, Spittalton; 3, Ronick.

Best cow family – 1, Brockhurst Fuzzy (Meadowrig); 2, Maraiscote Dante (Maraiscote); 3, Ronick Doreen (Ronick).

Best progeny from one bull – 1, Bassingfield Machoman (Maraiscote); 2, Rathconville Eugene (Ronick); 3, Larry (Clury).

Best young bull born 2018 – 1, Westpit Orlando; 2, Elrick Othello; 3, Anside Optimusprime.

Best young female born 2018 – 1, Maraiscote Ofizz; 2, Clury Olga; 3, Anside Orlagh.

Best calf born 2019 – 1, Lodge Patch; 2, Ritchies Prosecco; 3, Ronick Pamela.