Well-known crook and stick maker, Arthur Dent, Doune, added another string to his bow at LiveScot, winning his first supreme title at the Lanark event.

Mr Dent who has triumphed to win championship honours at all the main stick events to include the Royal Highland, led this year’s line-up of 150 entries with a buffalo horned stick with Border Collie feature and camel bone spacer on a hazel shank.

With no award for a runner-up, best novice was another buffalo horned entry, a leg cleek again on a hazel shank from Evelyn Blyth.

Crooks and sticks

Horn crook plain or fancy – 1, 2 and 3, A Dent. Wooden stick plain or fancy – 1, A Dent; 2, D Love; 3, I McConchie. Plain horn stick – 1, D Love; 2, A Dent; 3, G Mabon. Fancy horn stick – 1, I McConchie; 2, G Mabon; 3, A Dent. Plain wooden stick – 1, J Currie; 2, B Frizell; 3, I Paterson. Fancy wood stick – 1, D Love; 2 and 3, I Paterson. Leg cleek – 1, I Paterson; 2, A Dent; 3, B Frizell. Thumb stick – 1 and 2, A Dent; 3, J Scott. Sportsmans stick – 1, D Love; 2, D McPhee; 3, A Dent. Buffalo horn stick plain or fancy – 1 and champion, A Dent; 2, I Paterson; 3, S Docharty. Novice horn stick – 1 and novice champion, Evelyn Blyth; 2, Evelyn Blyth; 3, A Prowse. Novice wooden stick – 1, Evelyn Blyth; 2 and 3, A Prowse.

Class 121 Novice – Any Stick –Wood