Andrew Roan (12)

Can we have a bit of background information about you and your family?

My name is Andrew Roan and I live at Boreland of Colvend in Dumfries and Galloway with my dad Steven, mum Tracey and sister Lucy, on our pedigree Holstein 230 cow dairy farm. We work under the Colvend Prefix.

I am 12-years-old and have just started my first year at Dalbeattie High School.

How did you get into showing livestock?

My dad asked if I would like to do it! He would pick out what he thought was the best calf and I got told not to let go! He was keen for me to get involved in showing and suppose I just caught the showing bug!

My dad is really into the breeding and loves his Holsteins and I enjoy learning about the cow families. My sister Lucy, who is 10 also shows, she isn't as keen but that is probably because dad picks out the best calf for me and not her!

What are your favourite breeds?

My favourite breed would definitely be Holsteins – both black and white or red and white .

What stands out to you about these breeds? What qualities do you feel that they have?

I like how they all have their own personalities and their quiet nature, and how they are stylish animals and have high quality udders.

I also enjoy following the family lines as well as the classification scores.

What was the first show you went to? What is your favourite show?

Our local show, Stewartry, at Castle Douglas, would definitely have been my first show. My dad and papa both showed at it, and I first showed there when I was just three-years-old, and my calf, Grace, actually won the Champion Calf, so that was a good start. I can't really remember it but there is a photo of me refusing to collect my trophy at the parade.

What is your favourite thing about showing?

Winning is always nice! I really enjoy the show build up, the excitement on the day and a day off the farm! It's not all about going to shows, I very much enjoy helping my dad prepare for and take part in Herds Competiton's, which we have had a few good results in recent years and this year it was held during the summer holidays so I got to walk around with the judges.

What has been your biggest success?

My biggest success would be winning all three shows I went to with my calf Colvend Lanvin Evert Queen in 2017. She won Champion Calf at Stewartry and Dumfries and then first in the calf class at the South West Dairy Show.

One of my best memories so far is my dad winning the South West Scotland Dairy Show Champion in 2018 with Colvend Atlas Rox, I was well proud of my dad that night.

I've won the Champion Calf at Stewartry Show on three occasions, and Dumfries show once.

Have you had any disappointments so far?

My main disappointment has been not being able to go to shows for the last two years due to Covid – I am looking forward to show season 2022!

Who would you say you look up to, in showing? What is the best piece of advice you have been given?

I do look up to my dad, but he takes his time in picking out a calf meaning and I get less time to halter train. My mum is always handy for advice on the day but I don't always listen to her! Also keep holding the calf's head up, that's been a big bit of advice that I have been given and try to follow.

Do you help out on the farm at home?

Yes, I have to as we are always short staffed - my dad says it's great having me around to help. My mum thinks it's great, as the jobs that I do saves her having to do them! My main jobs is feeding and bedding calves, also moving cows.

What are your hobbies or interests out with showing?

Football. I play football and really enjoy watching the old firm games, I'm a Rangers supporter! We always end up having to watch the games on record though, as there is always a job on the farm needing done!

Do you have plans for the future? Do they feature agriculture?

I definitely want to be a farmer. I can't wait to drive a tractor and do a trailer at silage. I am looking forward to when the shows start again and get back in the show ring. Also, I am keen to get more involved in Holstein Young Breeders.

Do you have any tips or advice for other young people trying to get in to showing?

Get your calves picked out early and practice, practice, practice at the halter training.