Just shy of 200 entries were forward stick section, judged by master crook maker Ian McConchie, who found his supreme in a one-piece hazel with a thistle on the nose from three times novice winner Barry Frizzel, Wigton, Cumbria.

“There were a lot of very good sticks forward with some not just as straight of the shank, but the champion is fantastic entry with an incredible finish and balance,” said Mr. McConchie, who is now based in Stirlingshire.

The winning entry, which was champion at Dumfries in 2022, was providing a first supreme overall at LiveScot for Mr Frizzel.

Reserve overall was the winning entry from the first class – Eddy Foster, who is also from south of the Border. His fancy Blackface horned crook had a carved and painted partridge on the nose. Carol Cook and Richard Russell were champion and reserve in the novice section with horned and wooden crafted entries.

Leading Awards

Horn crook (plain or fancy) – 1 and 3, Eddy Forster; 2, Iain Paterson.

Wooden crook (plain or fancy) – 1, Richard Russell; 2 and 3, Cliff Worrell.

Plain horn stick – 1, Arthur Dent; 2, Eddy Forster; 3, Iain Paterson.

Fancy horn stick – 1, Eddy Forster; 2 and 3, Iain Paterson.

Plain wood stick – 1 and 2, Barry Frizell; 3, Eddy Forster.

Fancy wood stick – 1 and 2, Barry Frizell; 3, Iain Paterson.

Leg cleek – 1, Iain Paterson; 2, Jim Currie; 3, Richard Russell.

Thumb stick – 1, Cliff Worrell; 2 and 3, Eddy Forster.

Sportsman stick – 1 and 2, Eddy Forster; 3, Cliff Worrell.

Buffalo horn stick plain or fancy – 1, Iain Paterson; 2, Eddy Forster; 3, Arthur Dent

Novice – Any stick – Horn – 1, Carol Cook; 2 and 3, Richard Russell

Novice – Any stick – Wood – 1 and 2, Richard Russell; 3, Carol Cook.