One of Scotland's most progressive dairy units has taken the lead place in the National Milk Records' Holstein rankings, with the Forsyth family's Baltier Farming Co herd from Baltier, Whithorn, coming out on top.

Their recorded herd of 140 cows milking three times daily yielded13,226kg at 3.98%BF and 3.37%P with a combined fat and protein figure of 971kg. The family's 63 heifers averaged 12,437 at 3.96%BF and 3.42%P with a CFP of 917kg. The calving index was 409 days.

The Harvey family's well-known Killywhan herd from Drum Farm, Beeswing, Dumfries, is a regular in the top rankings and came second with their 275-cow three times daily milking herd producing 13,244kg at 3.94%BF and 3.10%P with 932kg CFP. The 63 heifers averaged 10,601kg at 4.01%BF and 3.15%P with a CFP of 757kg. Calving index was 400 days.

Coopon Holsteins managed by Alex Robertson and based at Palnure, Newton Stewart, have also had a bumper year and came in third with their robotically milked herd of 389 cows producing 11,867kg at 4.12%BF and 3.55%P with CFP of 908kg, while their 125 heifers yielded 10,325kg at 4.17%BF and 3.57%P or 798kg of CFP.

Coopon also boasted the lowest calving index of the top three and own six of the lead 10 Holstein cows.

In pole position is Coopon Altacordial Kensett, which produced a phenomenal 17,097kg at 4.31%BF and 3.60%P in her third robotic lactation with a combined fat and protein of 1351kg.

Just pipped at the post was the Harvey family's similarly aged Killywhan Fantasmic Sunset from Drum Farm, Dumfries. She gave 18,121kg at 4.10%BF and 3.28%P with a CFP of 1338kg on three times daily milking.

Third placed Holstein cow was Baltier SF Sidekick Abrakadavra, a three times daily milked cow owned by the Forsyths from Baltier, Whithorn. She produced 15,177kg at 5.16%BF and 3.65%P with a CFP of 1337kg.

The Wadsworth family from Big Balcraig, Port William, topped the Shorthorns with Bluebell which produced 12,992kg in her third at 3.50%BF and 2.83%P with a CFP of 822kg.

Team Struthers of the Glenmuir herd from Boylston, Cumnock dominated the Ayrshire section with Glenmuir Destry Linda, taking the lead having produced 12,677kg in her fifth at 4.12%BF and 3.23%P with a CFP of 932kg, followed by their second placed Arranview Jumper Karen which gave 14,394kg at 3.10%BF and 3.16%P or CFP of 901kg. In third place was Glenmuir Supreme Patricia, that yielded 14,285kg at 2.96%BF and 2.96%P with 844kg CFP.

Cally Mains Farming, Gatehouse of Fleet, took two of the top three places amongst the Jerseys with their lead cow, number 583 giving 9998kg at 6.38%BF and 3.99%P with a CFP at 1037kg and number 211 producing 9319kg at 6.26%BF and 4.20%P with a CFP of 974kg on a three times daily milking policy.

Second placed cow was A and S Jardine's twice daily milked number 291 female that gave 8248kg at 7.37%BF and 4.77%P with a CFP of 1001kg.

The top two NMR recorded British Friesian cows in Scotland are owned by A Young and Sons with their best giving 7896kg at 4.04%BF and 3.16%P or 568kg CFP with the lead Brown Swiss from A Vance having produced 8541kg at 5.36%BF and 3.37%P with 745kg CFP.

Best performing Montbeliarde was Pam Black's cow number 1261 that gave 13,923kg at 3.50%BF and 3.20%P with a CFP of 934kg through a robotic system.

The top yielding Jersey and mixed NMR herds in Scotland were Kingsbeck, Culterallers, Biggar, which recorded 7441kg at 5.99%BF and 4.35%P and G McCornick and Co, Stewarton, Kirkinner, at 10,235kg at 4.29%BF and 3.24%P respectively. Both herds are milked robotically.