Tramspread has become the sole UK distributor of Roelama slurry applicators.

The Roelama range is manufactured in the Netherlands and includes trailing shoe machines with working widths of 6.4-12m.

“Roelama manufactures high quality, easy to maintain trailing shoe applicators that can be used with an umbilical system or mounted to a tanker,” said Tramspread managing director, Terry Baker.

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The Sleepflex and Sleepflex Farmer models can be specified with trailing shoes, or cutting disks and have a vertical, three or five-part, hydraulic folding mechanism. The swinging arm for the drag hose has also been neatly designed to prevent the hose from running underneath by angling it away from the machine at all times.

“The Sleepflex Farmer is a professional machine. It has adjustable wheels and 20cm row distance spacing to maximise precision nutrient application,” added Mr Baker.

The Sleepflex is a 12m unit suitable for larger farms and contractors. It features an integrated lift, fully electrical hydraulic steering, and two turning points on the swinging arm which enables the operator to reverse without crossing the drag hose. “This helps to manoeuvre the wider width machine in tight spaces,” he added.

Both machines require less maintenance than some others due to the design having fewer ‘turning points’, which reduces routine greasing.

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“There are also some optional extras, such as section control and flow meters, that will appeal to those looking for a more precision-led approach to nutrient application,” said Mr Baker.

Tramspread now offers the Sleepflex Farmer in working widths of 6.4, 7.2, 8 and 8.8m and the Sleepflex at a working width of 12m. The 12-metre model will be on the Tramspread stand at LAMMA, in January.