JUDGING for this year's Solway and Tyne Texel club's annual flock competition saw some of the top prizes shared between those breeders at the western and eastern extremes of the club's domain.

The judge, Nick Woodmas, travelled from Stranraer in the West to Berwick in the east and it was near the East Coast that he found his winner in the Hexel flock run by Donald and Sarah MacPherson and their son Ross.

Runner-up was the MacTaggart family's Rascarrel flock, which is on the Solway Coast, near Castle Douglas.

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LEADING awards:

Ewe lambs – Large flock – 1 and reserve, Messrs Graham, Hallrigg; 2, Allan Clark, Finevalley; 3, Ian Murray, Glenway. Medium flock – 1, A and L Haston, Luneham; 2, Thomas Illingworth, Glenrock; 3, Michael Brannen, Moorsley. Small flock – 1 and champion, D and S MacPherson, Hexel; 3, Danny Hair, Drumbreddan.

Flocks – Large – 1, Finevalley; 2, Glenway; 3, Hallrigg. Medium – 1 and reserve, Rascarrel; 2, Luneham; 3, Moorsley. Small – 1 and champion, Hexel; 2, Drumbreddan; 3, Craig Stoddart, Penrith.

Stock rams – Senior – 1 and champion, Scrogtonhead Class One, Allan Clark; 2, Mullan Chancellor, Ian Murray; 3, Hartside Centre of Attention, Thomas Illingworth. Lambs – 1 and reserve, Rhaeadr Entrepreneur, D and S MacPherson; 2, Tima Escobar, A and L Haston; 3, Bradleys Emperor, Michael Brannen.

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