Jeremy Clarkson has announced his intention to construct a pickleball court on his expansive 1,000-acre estate, known as Diddly Squat farm, situated in Chipping Norton. However, his plans are meeting resistance from the local council.

Clarkson, a 63-year-old, divulged his newfound enthusiasm for pickleball, a sport blending elements of tennis, badminton, and table tennis. His fascination with this pastime was ignited during a recent visit to a health farm. 

Renowned for his show "Clarkson's Farm" on Amazon Prime, recounted his introduction to pickleball during a visit to a "juice farm." He described the sport as both strenuous and fast-paced, remarking that it is more physically demanding than breakdancing amid a hail of gunfire and electric shocks. Yet, he enthusiastically praised the game for its engaging nature.

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The Scottish Farmer: Jeremy Clarkson on Diddly Squat Farm

Motivated by his newfound passion for pickleball, Clarkson has decided to construct a court on his property. Given that it is only a fraction of the size of a standard tennis court and lacks the need for netting, one might assume that obtaining planning permission would be a straightforward matter. However, he faces challenges due to his residence within a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and the specific location in West Oxfordshire. These geographical and regulatory factors complicate the process.

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Despite these obstacles, Clarkson stays resolute in his pursuit of this undertaking, reasoning that it offers an appealing choice for individuals of a certain age who have yet to embrace a sedentary lifestyle. His determination in the face of these challenges is underscored by his intention to forge ahead.

Jeremy Clarkson, who often laments the restrictions imposed on his farm by West Oxfordshire District Council and Chadlington Parish Council in his television series "Clarkson's Farm," has drawn attention to this new development.